Monday, March 6, 2017

Announcements: Monday 3-06-2016

Horizon High School
Daily Announcements
Monday, March 6, 2017


If you are planning on bringing a guest to Prom that is not a Horizon student you must have a guest pass filled out.  Please see Mrs. Sweet in the Dean's office to get a pass. In addition, you and your guest, if they are a Horizon student, must have 95% or better attendance to attend Prom as of the beginning 2nd quarter.  Please check the list in the hallway across from the Dean's office. 

Ping Pong for the Heart! NHS is hosting a ping pong tournament on Wednesday, March 22 from 1-3. Registration begins March 6 and ends March 17th. There will be tables in the lobby on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during 2-8 period. Registration is also online through the Horizon homepage. Support the American Heart Association by participating in a fun ping pong tournament with friends!

Hawk readers: Now is the time to help the library select magazine subscriptions for next school year. The survey is on the library web site or come to the library to access it using the QR code at the front desk. Thanks for your input!

Hey boys of all grade levels, Student Government is hosting a Mr. HHS Contest.  If you think you’ve got what it takes to compete for the crown, then come to the Main Office and sign-up today.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and helps students to be more alert, pay better attention in class and be sick less often.  Starting your day with a healthful meal goes a long way and Nutrition Services is here to help in that process.  Join us for breakfast here at Horizon each day and enjoy all the benefits it brings now and in the future.  Adams 12 breakfast includes a fruit or 100% juice every day and is 100% whole-grain rich.

Looking for a summer job?  The City of Thornton is looking to hire high school age students for seasonal jobs for the summer.  These jobs range from lifeguards, boat attendants, summer camp help, etc.  If you are interested go to the city website at to apply.  You can get more information by seeing Officer “Q” or pick up a flyer in the Main Office.

The RMASS “Zapping the SAT” prep seminar will be coming to Horizon on Wednesday, March 15th & Thursday, March 16st.  For an opportunity to participate in this awesome two-day after school seminar, you must see Mrs. Bell or Mrs. Neumann in the counseling office to sign up for a spot.  The cost of this two-day seminar is usually $89 – but Dr. Shadwell will be paying $50 of the $89 for the first 100 students who sign up – so it will cost you only $39.  Don’t pass up this great opportunity to get “prepped” for the SAT Test coming in April.  For any questions on this SAT Prep opportunity – see Mrs. Neumann in the counseling office.
Sports, Drama, & Clubs

"Congratulations to the following Horizon Powerlifters for their performances at the NASA Colorado State Powerlifting Championships this past Saturday.  In the 165 pound class Taylor Sayavong took 1st with a Squat of 325, Bench 185, and Deadlift of 385.  In the 181 pound class, Kobe Small took 1st with a Squat of 407, Bench of 242, and Deadlift of 425.  Frank Medina took 2nd with a Squat of 335, Bench of 220, and Deadlift of 407.  In the 198 pound class Caleb Jones took 1st with a Squat of 385, Bench of 242, and Deadlift of 441.  Joe Barraza took 1st with a Squat of 320, Bench of 242, and Deadlift of 425.  It was the first meet for all of them and many of the judges and experienced lifters made comments about how well they performed in the spotlight.  Great Job!"

"Have you always wanted to take on a huge leadership role? Well four seniors are looking to pass on the responsibility of the Umbrella Project, an education-based program that helps eliminate offensive language including racial and derogatory terms used in our hallways. Now that it is part of the health curriculum here at Horizon, they are looking for more qualified students to run it next year. If you are interested, come to the main office and pick up an application, due by the 6th of March!

Senior News

Seniors:  Please report any & all scholarship offers to Ms. Jones in the Main Office.  Those you choose to accept and those you do not choose to accept.

Hey Seniors – It’s time to start clearing your fines so you can walk the line. The senior fine list is now posted next to the bookkeeping office.  Please check often as new fines will be posted daily. All fines and fees must be cleared by May 1st in order to pick up your cap and gown and participate in the graduation ceremony. 

Cap & gown pictures can still be ordered at Use the password HorizonHS2017Grad.  At checkout for teacher name use Tami Jones.

If you did not pick up your ordered announcements or mug and you have a zero balance, you can now pick them up at the bookkeeping office. If you still owe on your announcements or mug you can make final payments at or call 1-800-567-8367.


Speech & Debate Club – 3:00 – D0408   -- Kenya Pakenham & Blair Gonzales

German National Honor Society -1st and 3rd Monday - 3:00-3:30  - N2404   ---Jason Herman

Powerlifting Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday from  3:30 - 5:00 pm..  Weight Room   –Frank Ybarra


National Honor Society – 3:00 - P2604-P2605  -- Cindy Calder             

Creative Writing Club - 3:00  - LMC  --Lou Nelson

Knowledge Bowl  - 3:15-4:30 - M2317  -- Lexi Hoffman

Battle of the Books Club  1st and 3rd Tuesdays and 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 3:00 - LMC.  –Sara Poinier

Photo Club - 3:10 - G0701  --Suzi Melly