Thursday, August 25, 2016

Announcements: Thursday 8-25-2016

Horizon High School
Daily Announcements
thursday, August 25, 2016


In order to purchase a homecoming ticket all students must have 95% attendance. 

Are you wanting to sharpen your creative writing skills and meet with others who share a love of writing? Join Creative Writing Club! First meeting of the year, Tuesday, August 30th at 3:00 p.m. in the Library."

Love to read? Love a little friendly trivia competition? Join Battle of the Books Club! Our first meeting is today at 3:00 in the Library. See Ms. Poinier if you have any questions.

Student Lockers.  If you are in a locker that has not been paid for you need to pay for it immediately and see Sally Sweet in the Dean's office.  All lockers that have not been paid for will have the locks flipped to a new combination.

Student store is open during 8th period in the lobby.  We sell school supplies as well as gum, and kleenex. Look for the sign flipper!

Sports, Drama, & Clubs


German National Honor Society -1st and 3rd Monday Starting Sept. 19th  - N2404 -3:00-3:30  --Jason Herman

Craft Club - Family & Consumer Studies Room - F0607 - 3:10 - 4:00 pm  --Sandi Tucker

Powerlifting will not begin until football is over.  At that point, we will be training on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday
from 3:30 - 5:00 pm.  –Frank Ybarra

Hawk's Community Service Club- The 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month. Starting Sept. 12th  - 3:00  – Lisa Peratt

Creative Writing Club!  - 3:00 p.m.  Library(LMC)

Battle of the Books Club! - 3:00 Starting Sept. 20 in the Library(LMC)  --Sara Poinier

Photo Club - 3:10 in the photo lab. All Instagrammers welcome!! No experience necessary!  --Suzi Melly

Knowledge Bowl Tuesday and Thursday 3:15-4:30 - Room M2317  -- Lexi Hoffman


FBLA    first Wednesday of each month during Intervention at 7:30 am and after school at 12:30 pm for those who had to attend Intervention with a teacher.  --Scott Wilke

Sophomore leadership  3:00 pm            - Library(LMC)  --Tina Walters


Ultimate Frisbee - Meet in courtyard, play at Northbrook Park (behind parking lot) 3:10-4:45.   --Steve Windness

National Art Honors3:10 - G0709. We will be doing tie-dyeing so bring a cotton white or light colored shirt! –Suzi Melly

Battle of the Books Club! - 3:00 Starting Sept. 20  - Library(LMC)  --Sara Poinier

Knowledge Bowl - Tuesday and Thursday 3:15-4:30 - Room M2317  -- Lexi Hoffman


HHS's Gender and Sexuality Alliance will meet each Friday at 3:00PM in room C0304.  –Carianne Adams