Friday, September 11, 2015

Announcements: Friday 09-11-2015

Attention ladies:  Wear your flats to Homecoming!  Only flip flops, tennis shoes or flats may be worn on the dance floor.  No heels or hard soled shoes will be allowed on the dance floor.

ANY Student caught driving carelessly on school grounds will be referred to police to be ticketed and will lose driving and parking privileges on school grounds. Please drive safe at all times on school grounds. 

The HAWK School Store is now open! Come get school supplies, earbuds and gum at low prices! The store is open 8th hour every day in the Main Lobby.

If you have not had your picture taken for an ID yet this year, please check the Green Signs outside Mrs. Cummings Office and in the Counseling Office Window each day for times to come for an ID Photo

All students must have a 95% attendance to attend the Homecoming dance.  Attendance lists will be posted on the wall across from the Deans office beginning Monday, August 31st.

If you are planning on bringing a guest to the Homecoming Dance that is NOT a Horizon student please pick up a guest pass form in the Dean’s office.


Attention 9th through 12th grades!  Experience 9 to 5 is back and better than ever!  Stop by the counseling office and pick up a catalog to see all of the amazing businesses that are participating and offering students the opportunity to test-drive a career!  Cost is $10 per session and you must register by October 1, 2015. Sessions begin October 14, 2015.  Space is limited!!!!

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Save the Date! The first Community Service Club is coming on Monday, September 14 at 3:00 pm in room 02513.

Anime club will meet on Mondays from 3-4 in E0501 please and thank you!  --Jen Clancy


Tami Jones
Horizon High School

"Things that change remain the same".  K. Jones