Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Announcements: Tuesday, 12-02-2014

Attention students & staff
Some of our seniors are attempting to break a world record and would like your help!  We are trying to break the world record for the biggest ball of gum wrappers.  We know that most of you chew gum at least once a day.  What do you do with the wrappers?  Throw them away?  Leave them on the ground?  NO!  Give them to us.  There will be donation cups in every classrooom where you can put your wrappers.  They must be the aluminum type gum wrappers that come with 5 gum and Extra.  Our goal is to earn 30,000  wrappers by the end of the year.  If each of you brought in the gum wrappers you would otherwise throw away,  this would be an easy task.  Join us to break a world record and put Horzon in the books.

Prom attendance started 2nd quarter and will be checked on a regular basis.   If you are a Junior, Senior or underclassman who has been invited by an upperclassman, you must have a 95% attendance rate up to the Prom date of April 17th to attend.

The Horizon Band is doing a fundraiser,  we are collecting gently worn clothes, linens, towels, purses and shoes. Clean out your closets and ask your friends and family to do the same!  Items not suited for charities will be recycled. Your donation is greatly appreciated. You can bring the donations and place them in the designated boxes located in the Student Center or in the Band Room.

Senior News

Attention Seniors! The last day to request transcripts to be sent before winter break is Monday, December 8th.  No transcripts will be sent during winter break.  Please plan accordingly and make your request in Naviance by Monday, December 8th.

Sports, Clubs & Drama

Tuesday Clubs:
Anime 3-4pm – C0304                                                                Chess - 3-4pm - library

American Sign Language - 3-4pm - library                                 Creative Writing 3:10-4:10pm - library.

FCCLA - 3:00-4:00pm - F0607   

Wednesday Clubs:

DECA - 12:35pm - E0506.                                              GSA - 12:30-1:00pm - C0304     

Junior and Senior Leadership Wednesday - 12:30pm - M2309  

Improv team - 3:15-4:15 - Film Studies room