Monday, August 25, 2014

Announcements: Monday, 08-25-2014

Attention Seniors
Your Senior Class Panoramic Picture will be taken on Wednesday, September 3rd at 8:15 AM in the main gym. Remember - this is the ONLY time pictures will be taken of the entire Senior Class, so DON'T MISS OUT! You only have one chance to be a part of this special event, so BE THERE on Wednesday, September 3rd at 8:15 AM!"

Students, please have your ID cards ready to hand to the cashier at lunch. When you have your ID card out and available the lunch lines move very quickly. When we have to look up your number it takes more time. Please help us to help you to have more time to enjoy lunch with friends by having your ID card out and ready to scan at lunch time. Thanks so much and welcome back.  PLEASE NOTE; SOME STUDENTS DO NOT HAVE AN ID AS OF YET BUT THEY ARE STILL ABLE TO GET A LUNCH. We hope to have the camera for IDs by the end of this week or next at the very latest.

First Photo Club meeting Thursday @ 3:05 in Room GO704. All students are welcome!