Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Announcements: Tuesday, 12-17-2013

Horizon High School has once again implemented an attendance policy for students, grades 9-12 to be able to attend prom.  All Students wishing to attend prom are expected to maintain a minimum 95% attendance rate starting December 2, 2013 through April 11, 2014.  We are only monitoring unexcused absences and unexcused partial absences. 

Guten Tag!  This spring Horizon High School will again be hosting exchange students from the Ruperti-Gymnasium in Muehldorf Germany.  If you are interested in hosting one of the 26 super awesome exchange students, please see Mr. Herrman for more information.  

Attention:  If you have lost a cell phone, keys, jewelry or anything of value please see Mrs. Sweet in the Deans Office.
Check for your lost items in the Main Lobby today.  If you have not picked up your lost items by winter break they will be donated to a worthy cause.  

Students: Start the new year off with a clean slate. The Library has approximately 650 overdue books. We would love to have these books returned before you leave for Winter Break on December 19th. We also invite you to check out some books to enjoy while you are on break. Have a great Holiday!

Community Members, Staff and Students: Community Service Club is sponsoring a "toy" drive for kids with cancer now until Dec 19. We are focusing on students age 12-20 so gift cards, video games, and donations of activities for teenagers is appreciated. Gift cards should be dropped off in the box in the Main Office; games and other donations in the box in the LMC or outside the school store in the lobby.

The kitchen will be open during finals for breakfast only. We will operate during our normal business hours of 7:00 to 9:00 a.m.  The kitchen staff wishes you luck on your big exams and a very safe and Happy Holiday Season. Thank you for your support. 

Counseling News

Attention Students:  If your family needs help paying for college -- and who doesn't? -- then be sure to bring your parents to upcoming presentations about "How to Apply for Financial Aid." 
Financial Aid is for 2-year colleges, 4-year colleges, or vocational-technical schools AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GPA OR ACT SCORES -- it is strictly money because your family needs help! BUT YOU MUST APPLY FOR IT BY THE END OF FEBRUARY!  The first presentation on January 14 covers the basics of Financial Aid and is for all grade levels.  The second presentation on January 28 is for seniors only in Horizon's computer lab, where an expert will actually be at Horizon, helping families submit their applications online. Don't miss this great opportunities to learn how anyone can afford college! 

ATTENTION JUNIORS AND SENIORS:  Are you one of those students who thinks they may not be ready for college immediately after high school?  Would you be up for a different type of rewarding experience that is a change of pace and something that looks great to put on a resume? Then a GAP YEAR might be just what you need!  You are invited to Peak to Peak Charter School on January 21 to learn about a variety of GAP YEAR activities, from AmeriCorp to internships in New York City! See the Counseling Office Bulletin Board for more information!

Seniors - Do you know where you are going to college? When you have received your acceptance letter and make your final decision, come to the counseling office and let us know so that we can get your college choice along with your senior picture up on the college bulletin board in the lobby!  Please report any and all scholarship offers to Ms. Jones in the Main Office.

Sports, Drama & Clubs
(Details on Athletic competitions are on our website at www.Horizon.adams12.org   Go to calendar under school information)